Male Rancher


Female Rancher

"No one can run a homestead or manage livestock like the Rancher. They are quite proficient at cooking and goods processing."

Rancher Skills Edit

Animal Friend - (Innate Skill) Your party can now see the predator concentration on any tile with pastures, and also see the age and pregnancy time for any of their animals.

Calming Presence - The Rancher receives a bonus to Friendship every time they interact with an animal, and can raise the level past the normal maximum, allowing critical success. Can upgrade to Soothing Aura.

Hearthtending - The Rancher may perform one cooking action for free each month. This action does not consume monthly uses of the Culina. Can upgrade to Homesteading.

Tailoring - The Rancher may craft an expanded selection of specialty clothing and accessories at the Fabrica. In addition, the Rancher spins wool at the Spinnery twice as fast. Can upgrade to Master Clothier.

Watchful Guardian - Once per month, when performing a husbandry in a pasture, the chance for predator incursion will be reduced, in combat rancher receives double spotting value and 1 extra strength with any staff. Can upgrade to Fenrisbane.